Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope (Ungalvanized & Galvanized Rope)

Jiangsu Bright Industry Co.,Ltd is reputed manufacturer of Ungalvanized & Galvanized Rope, We are the top steel wire rope products factory in Chinese Zone, and as is well-known for largest production base of Chinese wire rope. Though our products have high quality, our control of cost is very well, so our products are relatively cheap and cost-effective.

Galvanized steel wire rope and ungalvanized steel wire rope can be used for security cables, garage doors, with other uses in construction field, ungalvanized have a consistent danger of corrosion and are more likely to disappoint in the long run. standard of ungalvanized steel wire rope is AISI, ASTM, GB, JIS with the tensile strength1670Mpa, 1770Mpa, 1960Mpa.

It is usually 1000 meters a roll and wrapped around on the wooden wheel. There is wrapping paper in the outermost but we can also customize your product packaging according to your requirements.


                 6×7 OR 6×9W Steel Wire Rope (Ungalvanized and Galvanized)



                6×19 Steel Wire Rope (Ungalvanized and Galvanized)




                 6×37 Steel Wire Rope (Ungalvanized and Galvanized)



                  6×19S 6×19W Line Contacted Wire Rope (Ungalvanized and Galvanized)




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