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Our Specialty

We are dedicated to supplying high quality of steel wire rope,stainless steel wire rope,high carbon steel wire and low carbon steel wire to our valuable customers around the world.

Effective Team Work

Customers expect performance, reliability, on-time delivery and exceptional service. Our ability to go beyond these expectations in an effect

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Quality Focused

In compliance with the principles on which the company's strategic objectives are based, the policy for quality, environment, health and safety is

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International Market Reputation

Jiangsu Bright Industry Co.,Ltd established an excellent international reputation for our stringent quality policy.“The sense of quality&rdqu

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About Us

About Our Business


Our Company,is a leader in supply steel wire and steel wire ropes. We have established an excellent international reputation for our quality policy. The sense of quality is our mission, and we take these words very seriously at every stage of ou...

Why You Choose Us?

We strive to maintain highest standards while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels. Please check below related with our strength and reason to choose us.

Our Mission

Steel Wire Ropes

We are specialized in supply of high-quality steel wire ropes for off-shore and on-shore oil activities, mining industry, cableways, material transportation and industrial lifting. 

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